Dec 022014

The results are in, the Wasteland Bar Fight Protagonists has gotten names!

The masses have spoken! Wasteland Bar Fight Protagonists will henceforth be known as…


Wasteland Bar Fight Protagonists Poll Results


A big thank you to all who have voted! And a big thank you to all who have come with, errrr, interesting suggestions :p Some suggestions for names we got for our Wasteland Bar Fight Protagonists were Kirk & Tony, Barbabe & Kennie, Poncho & Cheeks, Riff & Biff. I guess it wasn’t too easy to see that Gal actually was a girl for someone, but hey! it was loads of fun 😀

Vote on Wasteland Bar Fight for SlideDB App of the Year 2014

Don’t forget to vote on us in SlideDB App of the Year 2014! We managed to climb from 350th place when we posted about it yesterday to a staggering 29th place today! So spread the word and keep voting and we might just get to the top 😀

2014 App of the Year Awards via Slide DB

Wasteland Bar Fight Beta

Open beta is still running, so there still time to join in and report bugs! Head on over to Wasteland Bar Fight and join the Android beta today!

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