Nov 262014

Wasteland Bar Fight by Kybernesis: Gal Intro Screen

Someone Spilled Your Drink And It Made You Mad … VERY Mad !!!

Independent games developer and publisher Kybernesis is proud to announce that Wasteland Bar Fight, their post-apocalyptic barroom brawler, will be released and available on Android™ just in time for Christmas, with a version of the game to follow soon thereafter on iOS® and Windows Phone™.

Wasteland Bar Fight by Kybernesis: Gal Beer Time!

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where danger lurks behind every corner, you casually enter a bar for some quiet relaxation when a grumpy ganger spills your drink, triggering an all-out barroom brawl! Wasteland Bar Fight is packed full of gangers, mutants, cyborgs and other bad guys getting a rush out of trying to kick your butt, and it is critical that you defend yourself by punching and kicking your enemies with just a tap or a swipe on your device. Its all-out chaos and mayhem from the very start, and only the toughest of brawlers will survive. And if you can’t handle the pain, nothing cools down your wounds like another round of drink – just be aware of the local moonshine that has a negative effect on your energy level.

Wasteland Bar Fight by Kybernesis: Guy Rage!

Wasteland Bar Fight challenges you to survive against endless hordes of hairy bad guys. Unleash your rage with devastating attacks, and multiply your score by executing superior and amazing combos. Achievements can be unlocked making the trashing even cooler. Beat up waves of creeps, bullies, thugs, Mini-bosses and level-up to prepare yourself for the dangerous and superior Mega-bosses. With its action-packed fun and addictive gameplay, are you tough enough to survive the fight?

Wasteland Bar Fight by Kybernesis: Gal Fighting Creeps

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