PIB Concepts: The Train demo scene

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Oct 032017
Concept Art: Train Scene - Featured Image

Paranormal Intelligence Bureau is a turn-based tactics game in the style of XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics. The game will focus on the fight against horrors based on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Or as he himself would call it, Yog-Sothothery. We present to you, the concept art of the first scene from the first version of the game, the train demo scene.

The train demo scene

We’re currently working on the first demo of the game, which will focus on three different scenes with a common storyline. The storyline will take the agents on a mission to stop a group of cultists, who are trying to summon a Lovecraftian horror from another dimension. The first scene will be the train demo scene, which was inspired by several positive comments on this concept art by Ståle Tevik.

PIB Concept Art - Train demo scene original

Chris Steck, our short-term intern, used this as inspiration to make a new concept for the train demo scene. He focused on making the cultist slightly Lovecraftian in look. We think it turned out quite nice! Don’t you agree?

Concept art: Train demo scene

The Soldier and the Medic fights a group of cultists, and their leader, on the roof of a moving train. So we also plan to add hazards to the scene, where cultists or even agents can get knocked off the roof! And that could set the stage for a lot of fun, or more likely, horrible, situations.

In fact, in the final game, we will focus on adding interesting scenes like this as much as possible.

The story in the train demo scene

After extensive detective work, The Bureau found suspicious incidents along the Trans-Siberian railway. Incidents hinting at activities of a paranormal nature. The Bureau thus send the agents out to investigate the incidents. Which leads them to board the Trans-Siberian Express, to see if they can discover what is going on.

Needless to say, there are cultists on board with sinister agendas, who in good Lovecraft tradition are more than they seem. And the agents must reveal them before it’s too late! Their agenda and what the agents need to do to reveal them is something for you to find out in the demo when it’s ready.

We have another scene planned which we will show off later. And it’s even crazier than a fight on the roof of a speeding train! So make sure to keep up with future updates by joining our newsletter below, if you haven’t already!

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