First episode- PIB Origins: The Zebrina

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Jun 222018
PIB Origins: The Zebrina

Paranormal Intelligence Bureau (PIB) is a series of turn-based tactics games in the style of XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics. The games will focus on agents of the Bureau’s fight against horrors based on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Or as he himself would call it, Yog-Sothothery. PIB Origins will explore the origins of the cast of PIB.

PIB Origins: The Zebrina

The name for the very first episode of Paranormal Intelligence Bureau has been set. It is going to be PIB Origins: The Zebrina. We landed on this name because the story of the Zebrina is the cornerstone of the story in the first episode. Furthermore, we chose this name because we didn’t want the name to spoil what happens in our version of the story. After all, in H.P. Lovecraft’s own words, the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. If you read our last blog post, you already know that PIB Origins: The Zebrina is releasing in 2018. Steam will be our most prominent platform, so look out for PIB in Steam’s coming soon section. Below we present to you a sneak peak at our version of the Zebrina from the game(Render).

“The oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” – H.P. Lovecraft

PIB Origins: The Zebrina

The Zebrina- Q-ship of the Great War

The Zebrina

In truth, The Zebrina was a Q-ship transporting coal from Falmouth, UK to St. Brieuc, France. Q-ships were heavily armored merchant ships, disguised as regular merchant ships, designed to lure hostile submarines into making surface attacks. One feature of PIB Origins: The Zebrina will be navigating the Zebrina away from danger. Or perhaps towards danger? The choice is yours. The channel between Falmouth and St. Brieuc was dangerous with german submarines sinking British and French ships. PIB Origins: The Zebrina will feature german submarines of the time. You can see our version of the German U-21 submarine below. Even though German submarines and marines were the terror of the war, be warned. In our version of the story, the crew might encounter far worse things than German Marines.

 The German U-21 submarine

The Soldier

The Soldier ended up as an agent of the Paranormal Intelligence Bureau. What happened to him that lead to him being recruited by the elusive Paranormal Intelligence Bureau? The Soldier is a veteran from the Great War, where he served in the British navy on an array of different ships. One of his last duties was aboard the Zebrina, when he and the rest of the crew set sail from Falmouth in Cornwall on an especially gloomy September day in 1917. The Zebrina never reached its destination, and was found washed ashore on Rozel Point without any of its crew. The Soldier never talks about what happened. In PIB Origins: The Zebrina, the story from this mysterious journey will see the light of day. Below you can see a glimpse of the PIB Origins: The Zebrina title screen. What horrors lie hidden in places you cannot see?

           PIB Origins: The Zebrina title screen with combat music from the game

The Paranormal

PIB Origins: The Zebrina will feature key paranormal entities from the PIB universe. In the game where Xcom meets H.P. Lovecraft, danger should lurk around every corner, don’t you think? Who knows what cultists have been able to summon in dark dungeons of old. Stay tuned here and on Steam in the coming soon section. Consider adding us to your wishlist to be notified instantly when Paranormal Intelligence Bureau is released. And with some famous words in Lovecraft’s own language R’lyehian, often spoken by devoted cultists, we bid you a sinister farewell. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!


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Wasteland Bar Fight Released Globally

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Jan 232015

Wasteland Bar Fight Released Globally! Wasteland Bar Fight have finally been made available globally, except a few chosen Asian countries due to localization.

Wasteland Bar Fight Global Release

 Wasteland Bar Fight Released on Google Play globally!

We have finally opened up our Google Play availability for the Wasteland Bar Fight Release to include all countries except a chosen few Asian countries, due to localization needs. So if you have an Android device, head on over to Google Play, install the game; it’s 100% free with interstitial ads now and then, and do tell us what you think in a review while you leave a rating!

Some players have reported that their Android device’s back button won’t open the quit dialogue, so we added a Quit button on the Main Menu. Also some players have reported that they only get an error when trying to install the game. It seems it has to do with installing games to external storage, so we have now changed it so it no longer force install on external SD when it’s available.

And last, but certainly not least, we have uploaded a brand new trailer with updated gameplay footage from Wasteland Bar Fight on YouTube. Check it out below and do subscribe to our channel!

Kybernesis at Pocket Gamer Connects 2015 in London

We had a blast at Pocket Gamer Connects last week in London! There were many people who visited our stand, tried out Wasteland Bar Fight and gave us invaluable feedback. And we had tons of interest around our main concept, Corp Wars too!

On that note, as we mentioned in our last post we also were part of their Very Big Indie Pitch with Corp Wars. I managed to make all of the judges raise their eyebrows with my pitch and some have even inquired about Corp Wars after the pitch, which tells us that we’re definitely unto something here 😀

Harry Slater at Pocket Gamer stopped by our stand and tried out Wasteland Bar Fight and wrote an awesome preview of the game: #PGConnects: Hands-on with quick-tap grungy brawler Wasteland Bar Fight.

Wasteland Bar Fight released globally

Kybernesis & Wasteland Bar Fight Wiki on Giant Bomb

You can now find Kybernesis Company Wiki and Wasteland Bar Fight Game Wiki over at Giant Bomb. We’ll do our best to keep those wikis updated as we keep developing our franchise concept, Corp Wars and develop new games. So feel free to connect with us there too 🙂

Dec 312014

Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch

Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch available in Norway and India on Android

After careful consideration we decided to the smartest thing with any launch of a new game, do a soft launch first! And since we’re based in Norway that is our first country to launch in of course. India is a choice we have done carefully because of the business model we chose for Wasteland Bar Fight and fits perfectly for our way of testing the business model.

We’re planning to expand the Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch into several other countries to further test our business model during the coming weeks, until we finally release the game globally which we will announce in due time, both here and in press releases.

So if you reside in Norway or India, head on over to the Wasteland Bar Fight site and hit that Android button and install the game! And don’t forget to rate it and leave a review, however short, positive or negative it is!

Everyone else! Be patient, once the Wasteland Bar Fight Soft Launch is over, the game will be made available globally. But until then, we will keep our beta testing community up and going while we add more bars, survival mode and new achievements to the game; feel free to join up and keep testing our future beta builds!

Oh and for all you Apple and Microsoft fans out there, fear not, we’re working on both iOS and Windows Phone versions!

SlideDB’s App of the Year update

A huge congratulations goes out to the top 5 Apps of the Year and especially this year’s winner, Steampunker. Wasteland Bar Fight ended up on a 6th place during the finale and we’re ecstatic about getting so high up on the list with a game that wasn’t even released yet! So thank you everyone! Next time we have a game listed, we’ll win for sure! 😀

Hardsuit, Landmates and Mecha, Oh my!

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Sep 172014

Corp Wars: The Siege unit concepts

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Sep 122014

Corp Wars: The Siege Corporate mechs concepts

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Sep 092014

Corp Wars: The Siege Corporate troopers and hardsuit concepts

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Sep 082014

Wasteland Bar Fight redesign – New models

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May 302014

Wasteland Bar Fight gets new models!
The Beta has been fun and we’re in the process of putting cut features back into the game as well as adding new content. There will be three bars and an overarching story to them. We intend the game to become harder, but more fun.

Corpwars: Short story from the Moto Moto Enklave

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Apr 282014

“I want to run away.”
The statement was swept away between the crumbling concrete blocks of their massive fortress city.
Juna didn’t bother to look up, kept looking at her card, sliding her thumb across its self-lit screen to read another page. Of what, Rik didn’t know. He leaned further out of the signal tower’s balcony . Smelt the wind. Hot air, from the suncell roofs. The whirring noise of churning windscrews heard over the whistling wind.

“Drafting’s soon. I’m going to run away with a trade convoy. Dress up like a waster and hide in their carts, maybe bribe a merchant.”
He heard her scoff despite the wind.
“Bribe with what? You’ve got nothing they want. They sit in the walled marketplace while they load up on portables and potables, then rip us privates off for souvenirs and go on their way. “

“I’ve got beatboxing skills. Some caravans bring travelling performers.”
Rik frowned at her laugh.
“I’ve got some Kredits. Bartered from some merchants some time ago.”
“Kredits? How many?”
He turned away from her stare.

“Twelve. And some coppers. They’re worth their metal, you know.” “Pff.” Juna got back to reading. Somewhere below, a lorry called out a warning that it was backing up.

“Anything’s got to be better than this. I won’t be drafted for the good jobs. You know that. Who wants to be a farmer scraping dirt in the hanging gardens? The militia earn more…”
“Come on,” Juna barks at him.
“Soldiers are paid well, but are all assholes. You don’t want to be more of an asshole, do you?”

“I’m too daft to be an engineer. I can’t weld shit and I don’t want to die in a construction accident.”
Juna laughed at him.
“Nobody can weld shit. The useless people like you are sent to the archives. Lots of sorting that the AI can’t be bothered to do, you know.”
He groaned. She got up, pointing at him with her Card.
“And you don’t know anything about the world outside.
Everything you know is in your Card. When you leave across that hill, your Card is dead.”
“Yes. No energy  fields, no wireless signal. Dead Card.”
Her look didn’t give him any more confidence.
“You really should pay attention in Engineering class. Though you might be a little late for that, with drafting coming up.”