Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding

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Mar 182015

Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding on FundedByMe

We have just launched our Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe and we’ve already gotten our first investment offer! That’s awesomesauce right there!

Head on over to read more about our plans for Corp Wars and if you’re interested, feel free to add an offer to invest too!

You can also see our CEO’s live pitch at Technoport 2015 tonight. Streaming will start at 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1.

The new style of Corp Wars

Our Art Director, Ståle “RoboRogue” Tevik, landed on an awesome low-poly style that we will use in our Corp Wars games from now on! You can check out some great examples in our Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding campaign or just check out the images below!

You’re all welcome to leave a comment about our choice of style or our Corp Wars Equity Crowdfunding campaign below 🙂

Game Connection and GDC 2015: Meet Kybernesis

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Feb 272015

Meet Kybernesis at Game Connection and GDC 2015

We’re heading to sunny California next week! More specifically San Francisco to attend Game Connection and GDC 2015 along with tons of other Norwegian game companies! So if you’re attending any of those, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Corp Wars: Konvoy prototype

You will also have a chance to be one of the first to test out an extremely buggy, but hopefully awesome prototype of our next game in development, Corp Wars: Konvoy at Game Connection and GDC 2015 booths 248 and PL633 respectively.

Corp Wars: Konvoy - Game Connection and GDC 2015

Wastelander Transport from Corp Wars: Konvoy

Corp Wars: Konvoy will feature an explore-the-world mode, not unlike the Sid Meier’s Pirates games, where the cities you can visit will be populated with player cities when we release our city builder some time in the future. Until then there will still be cities to visit, but just the ones made by us.

There will also be a quick travel system, not unlike the one in FTL and Out There for those that aren’t huge fans of exploration, however some things will of course only be discoverable by exploration. The game will also feature a quest/mission system, also not unlike what FTL and Out There are doing, but with our own twist of course.

While exploring or quick travelling you will of course stumble unto raiders that want to take your hard earned money or any goods you’re transporting, but fret not, you will meet them prepared! You Konvoy transports can be mounted with cannon turrets and beside your transports you will have smaller attack vehicles ready to defend the Konvoy with just gesture from your finger. The combat mode is mainly inspired by Strikefleet Omega, but we’re of course adding our own twist there too.

As you most likely figured already, Corp Wars: Konvoy is deeply inspired by games like Sid Meier’s Pirates, FTL, Out There and Strikefleet Omega, and I also must add that the just released Sunless Sea also managed to add some ideas to our concept over the last couple weeks.

Wasteland Bar Fight

And we will of course have an Android tablet dedicated to Wasteland Bar Fight at both Game Connection and GDC 2015 booths. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should head on over to Google Play and try it out! It’s completely free with ads.

We will bring the tablet with us on the countless parties during Game Connection and GDC 2015 too, so there will be ample chances to relieve some aggression with Wasteland Bar Fight instead of starting real bar fights.

Game Connection and GDC 2015: Wasteland Bar Fight puking

Wasteland Bar Fight can even handle the puking for you if you drink too much!

Hope to see you at Game Connection and GDC 2015! 😀

Wasteland Bar Fight Released Globally

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Jan 232015

Wasteland Bar Fight Released Globally! Wasteland Bar Fight have finally been made available globally, except a few chosen Asian countries due to localization.

Wasteland Bar Fight Global Release

 Wasteland Bar Fight Released on Google Play globally!

We have finally opened up our Google Play availability for the Wasteland Bar Fight Release to include all countries except a chosen few Asian countries, due to localization needs. So if you have an Android device, head on over to Google Play, install the game; it’s 100% free with interstitial ads now and then, and do tell us what you think in a review while you leave a rating!

Some players have reported that their Android device’s back button won’t open the quit dialogue, so we added a Quit button on the Main Menu. Also some players have reported that they only get an error when trying to install the game. It seems it has to do with installing games to external storage, so we have now changed it so it no longer force install on external SD when it’s available.

And last, but certainly not least, we have uploaded a brand new trailer with updated gameplay footage from Wasteland Bar Fight on YouTube. Check it out below and do subscribe to our channel!

Kybernesis at Pocket Gamer Connects 2015 in London

We had a blast at Pocket Gamer Connects last week in London! There were many people who visited our stand, tried out Wasteland Bar Fight and gave us invaluable feedback. And we had tons of interest around our main concept, Corp Wars too!

On that note, as we mentioned in our last post we also were part of their Very Big Indie Pitch with Corp Wars. I managed to make all of the judges raise their eyebrows with my pitch and some have even inquired about Corp Wars after the pitch, which tells us that we’re definitely unto something here 😀

Harry Slater at Pocket Gamer stopped by our stand and tried out Wasteland Bar Fight and wrote an awesome preview of the game: #PGConnects: Hands-on with quick-tap grungy brawler Wasteland Bar Fight.

Wasteland Bar Fight released globally

Kybernesis & Wasteland Bar Fight Wiki on Giant Bomb

You can now find Kybernesis Company Wiki and Wasteland Bar Fight Game Wiki over at Giant Bomb. We’ll do our best to keep those wikis updated as we keep developing our franchise concept, Corp Wars and develop new games. So feel free to connect with us there too 🙂

Nov 212014
We need to decided on the names of our Wasteland Bar Fighters, but can’t decide so therefore we ask your opinion!
Give your vote or leave a suggestion below.

Naming our Wasteland Bar Fighters

Wasteland Bar Fighters

We have been discussing back and forth between ourselves on what we should call our Wasteland Bar Fighters; our protagonists that is. Personally I prefer Guy & Gal since that fits perfectly with the theme of the game, in my opinion that is. Ståle, our Art Director, suggests that we give them real names instead to make them more identifiable within the Corp Wars setting, which again might make it easier to refer to them in our future Corp Wars games.

Since we’re unable to come to a conclusion in-house, we decided to ask you! So head on below and vote for your favorite and we’ll (probably) go for whichever gets the most votes!

Vote below!

So now’s your chance to make a difference! Vote below on which pair of names you would like to see for our Wasteland Bar Fighters. If you don’t like any of them, feel free to leave a suggestion as a comment instead!

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What is the Next World – the world of Corp Wars?

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Sep 262014
The world of Corp Wars: Some old concept art

Some old concept art

This is the world of Corp Wars:

Our future is their past. The seeds of our civilization survived by the actions of its destroyers.
Much has changed. The Nommo Empire holds most of Africa – ruled by an elite class of techno-shamen who call upon spirits of the past to teach them the secrets of the universe.

An industrial giant resides in the largest open mine on earth. Kyburgh, the last megacity, home of unscrupulous corporations whose tentacles of aquisition crawl from that hole in the ground to grab as much of the outside world it can and drag it into the pits of Kyburgh.

Scattered across the world are self-sufficient survivalist city-states. Enklaves are remnants of business-owned territory, government safe-houses and the fortresses of armies cut off from their superiors. They are tough, leading strict lives and commonly sacrifice themselves for the greater good of their hive.

Outcasts and tribeless wanderers gather in the wastelands, forming scavenging gangs. Sometimes these settle down to form new tribes and villages. Some times they murder and pillage their way across the land like a plague of locusts. They’re the wastelanders, or wasters. Bandits, robbers, thieves and murderers of a desperate and ruthless kind.

Wasteland Bar Fight – The new look

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Sep 222014

The new look of Wasteland Bar Fight

After lots of feedback from the beta testers, we decided to go for a new look for Wasteland Bar Fight to better fit into our Corp Wars universe and this is the result!
We also decided to remove most of the GUI elements to remove clutter, since most that we saw play the game at GDC Europe and Gamescom in August didn’t even notice all the GUI stuff we had there :p

So what do you think?

Feel free to join our Beta for Android and iOS over at if you want to test out our latest build.

Hardsuit, Landmates and Mecha, Oh my!

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Sep 172014

Market research results

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Oct 092012

This spring we ran a market research on the viability of a Post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk strategy game, and we learned so much from the results.
We also promised to publish the results, which we did even before the research was done, but I have gotten some requests for me to post the link to those results again, and a bit more visible this time, so here it is!

Results from Kybernesis’ market research for Corp Wars

Corp Wars Market Research

Space Elevator Science – Climb to the Sky – A Tethered Tower

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Sep 032012

The setting behind Corp Wars will have several Space Elevators both in the past timeline and in the present day timeline so we decided that we should help make real life space elevators a reality by backing this Kickstarter: Space Elevator Science – Climb to the Sky – A Tethered Tower.

If you’re interested in helping Space Elevator Science forward, we suggest you get over there and back this Kickstarter too!