Nov 232016
PIB Origins - The Soldier

Introducing the PIB Agents: The Soldier

One of our artists, Christer Sveen, of Funcom and Blink Studios fame, have finished the model of the first of our Agents: The Soldier.

The Soldier is a veteran from the Great War, where he served in the British navy on several different ships. One of his last duties was aboard the Q-ship Zebrina, which ended in his first encounter with the Paranormal. After leaving Falmouth in Cornwall one September morning in 1917, The Zebrina was found washed ashore on Rozel Point, south of Cherbourg, without any of its crew.

The Soldier never talks about what happened, but shortly after he was approached by a recruitment agent from the PIB. Since then he has been serving the world’s hidden war against the paranormal threat.

We feel we have landed on the perfect style for our agent characters with this one. What do you think?

Paranormal Intelligence Bureau Agents: The SoldierPIB Agent: The Soldier – A veteran from The Great War (Realtime render)

Our next character is currently under modeling, so stay tuned to see what our artist comes up with next!


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