Nov 202016
Paranormal Intelligence Bureau - The Paranormal

We teased our next project, The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau on Steam Greenlight Concepts some time ago.  But updates have been far between during 2016… That’s because 2016 is a crazy year and we’ve even been on the brink of shutting the studio down. But after summer things started picking up again and the future is a lot brighter now! We secured some limited funding to pay those veterans we bragged about having on the team. And production has now finally started for full!

We’ll update with assets as they are completed, here on our blog and also on all our social presence for the game. For those of you who haven’t seen our Steam Greenlight Concepts page yet, let me introduce to you the concept of The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau!

The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau

H.P. Lovecraft meets XCOM meets X-Files! Control The PIB and defend the world against Lovecraftian horrors. Don’t let humanity fall to the cultists, paranormal entities, and Elder Gods!

The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau - A world Corrupted

When the stars are right, the veil between our reality and others become dangerously thin. So thin that breaching through can be done with minimal effort by even the weakest of magic rituals or pseudo-scientific contraptions. These wounds of the veil allow corruption from more ominous realms to pass into our world, transforming innocent creatures into paranormal entities of legend and unleashing inexplicable horrors unto the world.

Cults of our world work to tear this veil open with obscene rituals which will summon forgotten horrors of ancient times, and to conjure up portals that could reach outside of the ordered universe, to summon the Ultimate Gods.

The only real defense against these beings, entities, and events of the paranormal is an old and ancient world-spanning order – now known as the Paranormal Intelligence Bureau (PIB). Agents recruited from around the world, fighting to rid the world of this ominous threat.

The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau - The Game

Inspired by games such as the XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics Series, Paranormal Intelligence Bureau will be a tactical turn-based game. The goal is to save the world of the roaring 20’s from a threat of paranormal nature.

From your headquarters aboard a majestic zeppelin, you control a roster of agents to combat the paranormal threat, close shut any ruptures in the veil and banish the Elder Gods themselves.

The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau - The Agents

As one of the leaders of the Paranormal Intelligence Bureau, you control the Agents. People with wide variety of backgrounds, recruited to the Bureau because of their previous encounters with the Paranormal.

We might revise the roles in the future, but at the moment we’re focusing on the three roles of Soldier, Medic, and Parapsychologist.

The Agent and their Roles

  • The Soldier: Usually veterans of the Great War, the Soldier is a specialist in both unarmed and armed combat. While the more ominous horrors often are impervious to physical damage, the Soldier is essential to distract any adversaries. While you work to banish the horrors from our world.
  • The Medic: Specialists in both traditional medicine and experimental alchemy. Hence the Medic is the perfect support role for healing the bodies of and boosting your Agents.
  • The Parapsychologist: Skilled in both the arcane & mystical and the workings of the mind & psyche. The Parapsychologist therefore takes care of any ruptures in the veil with occult rituals. And also makes sure their fellow Agents keep their sanity in the presence of eldritch horror.

The Paranormal Intelligence Bureau - The Paranormal

In the game, you will need to defeat the paranormal seeping into our world. Such as Nightgaunts, unseen Shamblers and other unnameable and indescribable things.

And more importantly, you need to stop the many cults of the world from ripping the veil wide open. To stop them from summoning Ultimate Gods or awaken Great Old Ones, like Cthulhu, to walk the earth again.

Join the Paranormal Intelligence Bureau and stay updated on the war on the paranormal!

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