Corp Wars


Corp Wars is a fictional world created by Kybernesis, set in the post-apocalyptic future of our own world. Civilization has collapsed due to man-made and natural disasters, but certain circumstances has allowed seeds to survive and start growing.

Kybernesis are developing games within that context and those games will communicate with each other through a user’s profile and cross-seed each other with new content.

The target market for Corp Wars will be interested in a variety of games. Some will be most interested in the casual games, others will enjoy the depth of more immersive games. Kybernesis’ greatest fans will play most of the games and explore what rewards they can get from doing so.

Kybernesis intend to make the users able to create content for Corp Wars as they play. This can establish a strong connection and sense of ownership in long-time users and keep them around.

Wasteland Bar Fight Icon

The first game set in the Corp Wars universe was released just before new years 2014: Wasteland Bar Fight.

The second game will be Corp Wars: Konvoy and we already have a playable prototype featuring some quick travel and combat ready.

The third game, Corp Wars: Territories will be a city-builder strategy game where you build a city-state out in the wastelands, research technology, manage population, and more.


The fourth game, Corp Wars: The Siege will be a Castle Defense game where you defend your cities. with turrets, army units and vehicles.

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