Corp Wars: Karavan


Corp Wars: Karavan

Take control of your karavan of mega-transports and explore the post-apocalyptic Wastelands.

Corp Wars: Karavan is a 3D game about exploration, trade and defending your cargo from Wasteland Pirates, set in a post-apocalyptic future where civilization barely survived a series of both natural and man-made disasters.


Guide your Karavan through the dangerous new world. Find lost treasures and secrets of the past! Discover fortress cities, mutant colonies, desert pirate havens and airborne tribes. Explore a huge open-world map that changes whenever you start a new game.

Corp Wars: Karavan exploration


Find profitable trade routes between the numerous City States populating the wastelands. Trading will feature a dynamic supply and demand system where your trading will directly affect the merchants prices.


Arm your transports and recruit escort vehicles, from bikes to mechs to tanks. Defend your cargo from pirates – or become a pirate yourself and attack rival Karavans!

Corp Wars: Karavan vehicles

Hire officers with specialized skills that will help you on your travels. Send in the scavenger to explore ruins, use your engineer to repair your Karavan and make sure your best gunner is assigned to gunner duty!


Upgrade your Karavan with tougher armor plating, various turrets and launchers, powerful engines or special modules enabling you to smuggle VIP’s or even take prisoners.


When you die, and die you WILL, your next Kaptain can choose to continue the legacy with an inheritance based on your previous Kaptain’s achievements.


Sid Meier’s Pirates!, FTL, Elite, Sunless Sea, Strikefleet Omega


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