Thank you for signing up to EZAchieve alpha!

How to Install EZAchieve alpha

  1. Download the unity package from here (Opens in new window/tab).
  2. Import the package into your Unity project (Assets > Import package > Custom Package...)

How to use EZAchieve alpha

  1. Open the Achievement Editor from Window > EZAchieve > Achievement Editor
  2. The documentation can be found under Window > EZAchieve > Documentation
    Note: We're working on better documentation so all feedback here is also appreciated.
  3. You can take a look at a pre-filled achievement database by opening the demo scene. Note: We're also working on a better Demo Scene, but all feedback is welcome here too.


The main reason you're invited to test this alpha is because we need your feedback on what works and what doesn't work, and also what you feel is missing if anything.

  1. You can send us any feedback by using our contact form (opens in new window/tab).
  2. Or you can leave any feedback and join the discussion in our Unity Forums Thread (opens in new window/tab).