I/O Concept graphics

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Dec 102010

Ståle, our Lead Art Director, has put together some sweet concept graphics preview for us!

So check it out!

I/O update

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Nov 302010

We have had a couple hundred views of our project over at IndieGoGo,  no contributions as of yet, but we remain hopeful!

Our lead art director is working on some visual goodies for you all that we will show both here and on the IndieGoGo project, and our lead Programmer is working on getting a prototype working to show off to!

So stay tuned for some updates later this week!

Fundraising for I/O

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Nov 292010
Kybernesis Logo

We have just started a funding project on IndieGoGo.

If you’re interested in leaving your mark within our first game, you can head over there and contribute now!
Rewards vary from a thank you in the credits and beta access to a recurring major character based on the contributer!

So head on over to our I/O project page over at IndieGogo and help us make our Hacker Cyberpunk game called I/O a reality!

Concept art

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Nov 112010

You can find some general Concept art based on our Cyberpunk setting now under Media > Concept Art.

We’re currently working on the concept art and a prototype of the I/O game, so stay tuned and I will keep you posted with any updates, arts and screens.

I/O game

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Nov 102010
Kybernesis Logo

Kybernesis has finally started on their first game, I/O(from Input/Output).

It will be a flash based game heavily influenced by games like Arkanoid and Space Invaders.
All development will be done with the PushButtonEngine.

Expected release is Q1 2011.