Torucon 2015 with Kybernesis

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Aug 272015

Thank you all for such a great weekend at Torucon 2015! This year, like last year, we were really impressed with all your cosplays and all the efforts you had put into your outfits. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out and follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@kyberneses) and feel free to look through our images from the weekend.

Torucon 2015 cosplay collage

Here’s a collage of some of the awesome cosplay we witnessed on Torucon 2015.

Note: if you find your image on a collage and would like to have just your own image, please don’t hesitate to send us a message and we’ll get it sent to you!

Wasteland Rumble prototype at Torucon 2015

Torucon 2015 Wasteland Rumble prototype

Screenshot from the Wasteland Rumble prototype

Finally, what we enjoyed the most with #torucon2015 was, of course, to see you all enjoy our released game #wastelandbarfight and the prototype for #wastelandrumble. We cannot thank you all enough for your feedback provided through reactions and by filling out questionnaires. We can only make sure to use the feedback to create games that, if you follow us, will keep entertaining you all!

Until next time,
Yours sincerely,

Team Kybernesis

Upcoming events for Kybernesis

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Oct 312014

Upcoming Events: SpillExpo 2014

Kybernesis at SpillExpo

One of our upcoming events is SpillExpo in Lillestrøm, Norway on 7th – 9th November. We got a spot on their Indie Stand together with Red Thread Games, Working Mill, ASIO and Ravn Studio. We’re really looking forward to show off our current version of Wasteland Bar Fight and talk about our awesome concept, Corp Wars.

Feel free to stop by and DO ask us about Corp Wars! 🙂

NxtMedia Conference 2014

Upcoming Events: NxtMedia Conference 2014

And it doesn’t stop there! The next in our list of upcoming events is the stand on NxtMedia Conference 2014, like we mentioned in our last post.

So if you’re attending this year’s NxtMedia Conference, DO stop by our stand and we will show you our latest version of Wasteland Bar Fight there too, so don’t fret if you didn’t catch us on SpillExpo!

 Tech, Hugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Upcoming Events: Tech, Hugs & Rock'n'Roll 2014And finally, but certainly not least since it involves beer! The last of our upcoming events is a party to kickoff next years Technoport, which we will come back to you about at a later time. Anyways, the cool thing about this party, besides beer, is that we will be hosting a High Score tournament for Wasteland Bar Fight Survival Mode! Come join the party, grab a beer and defend yourself in Wasteland Bar Fight! WAAAAAGH!! BAR FIGHT!!!

All fighting will be contained within the game of course, so don’t worry 😉

Oh, I almost forgot! Tech, Hugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll will happen on 14th November in Trondheim, Norway. Check the link for details and tickets 🙂

Oct 242014

Kybernesis will attend Trondheim Developer Conference 2014

Wasteland Bar Fight at Trondheim Developer Conference

On monday 27. October, the annual Trondheim Developer Conference will be held here in Trondheim, Norway. They have an excellent offer of a free stand for any young startup so we decided to take them up on that offer. This means we will be found on our very own stand at this year’s Trondheim Developer Conference(TDC) expo area.

For the event we’ve ordered a roll-up featuring an awesome mockup of Wasteland Bar Fight by our Art Director, Ståle. Check it  out! (Click the image to see it in full size)

If you’re in Trondheim on monday, DO attend TDC and DO come by our stand to test out our latest WBF build and have a chat with us.

NxtMedia Conference 2014

In other news! We’re also going to have a stand at this years NxtMedia Conference on November 12th after attending their pitching competition. The NxtMedia Conference is also in Trondheim and  we got some local press coverage because of the aforementioned pitching competition. The article is only in Norwegian sadly, but if you’re really interested, there’s nothing stopping you from using Google Translate.